1. About this privacy policy

Mr.Peet is only allowed to process the data you have provided to him under certain circumstances. The Privacy Law (General Data Protection Regulation) intends to protect the privacy of individuals. It limits the usage of your personal data by others. On the basis of this law, Mr.Peet has the following obligations to her customers:

  • To inform them in which way and with what purpose data is processed by Mr.Peet.
  • To notify you on who has access to the data.
  • To ask permission to be able to process certain kinds of data.


Mr.Peet values your privacy. Therefore, Mr.Peet expands on how he uses your data, what the purpose is of utilising it and for what kind of data processing he explicitly has to get your consent.


2. The personal data used by Mr.Peet and its purpose.

Mr.Peet (potentially) processes your personal data if you are a (potential) customer of Mr.Peet or have gotten in touch with us by filling out the contact form. Mr.Peet collects your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. These data enable us:

  • To administer the agreements made between customers and Mr.Peet financially and administratively;
  • To reach (potential) customers when needed;
  • To further develop and optimise our services;



Mr.Peet collects IP-addresses of (potential) customers that visit the website. These data enable us:

  • To register which internet site/internet pages you visit;
  • To improve the functionality and content of the website;
  • To register what topics or applications (potential) customers are interested in.
  • To ensure that you do not keep receiving the same information;
  • To improve our product range.


Explanatory note on the placement of cookies

A cookie is a small piece of data that is placed on (the IP-address) of your computer by a website and that collects information about your visit to the Mr.Peet website.

If you visit our website, cookies are automatically placed that enable us to collect certain data based on the IP-address of your computer. This concerns information like how often you visit our website and what topics you are interested in.


3. Providing personal data to third parties

Mr.Peet does not provide personal data to individuals or companies outside the Mr.Peet-organisation, unless:

  • This is a legal obligation;
  • This is required to execute the agreement between yourself and Mr.Peet;
  • You have given permission, for example for the placement of cookies.


4. Obligations/secure access/confidentiality/retention period

  • Mr.Peet only processes your personal data in a way that corresponds to the regulation. This means (among others) that provided data are only processed for the purpose for which they have been obtained and processed in a fair and careful manner corresponding to the regulation and this privacy policy.
  • Your personal data are only accessible to people working for Mr.Peet, unless this privacy policy determines otherwise. All your personal data has been secured against unauthorised access. The security consists of:
  • The usage of a personal password to log on to the digital system by every person that works for Mr.Peet.
  • Personal data confidentiality being a requirement for all people that work for Mr.Peet.
  • Mr.Peet having taken technical measures to secure the system in place against external breaches in a way that corresponds to the law.
  • Your personal data will only be saved for as long as this is required for a proper administration. The law can prescribe other retention periods. Should this be the case, Mr.Peet will adhere to the prescribed legal retention period.


5. Your rights as a data subject

  • The right to be informed: the right to know whether and what personal data have been processed and to what end.
  • The right of access: the right of access and to obtain a copy of the data insofar as this does not negatively affect the privacy of others.
  • The right to rectification, supplementation or erasure should this be necessary (right to rectification and erasure). The right of (partial) erasure can only be fulfilled in case the preservation of data is not of considerable importance to others or is required by law.
  • The right to restrict processing: the right to restrict processing of your personal data in certain cases;
  • The right data portability: the right to receive your saved personal data in order to transfer it to another organization;
  • Rights in in relation to automated decision-making and profiling. In case of an automated decision, the right exists for the decision to be made by human interference.


Should you want to exercise your rights, you can do this by e-mail to peet@mrpeet.nl. If your request is denied, you will receive an explanation. A potential reason could be that your file contains information that is or could be relevant to others. You will receive a reply within 48 hours after your request has been received.


Should you have a complaint about the way your personal data are processed, you can contact Peet van de Sandt to try and resolve the issue together.


In case you have any other questions/remarks/suggestions, please contact us via peet@mrpeet.nl and/or +31 6 5354 3024


Naturally Mr.Peet will confidentially and carefully handle the personal data provided in this respect.


Privacy policy Mr.Peet version June 2018. This privacy policy is a translation of the Dutch version. In case of discrepancy between these Privacy policies, the Dutch version shall prevail.