abstract, cr158
glorious series, cr176 & cr181
2020 SERIES, cr184
Surrealisme, cr134 & cr135
universele thema's, cr82


The paintings with universal themes stimulate thinking and deal with various social themes. Such as relationships, education, law, stories, propaganda, man, year 2020 etc.
The Glorious Series is also about an universal theme, namely the beauty of the human being. I especially wanted to achieve the look in the eyes and thereby making eye contact. You see that a familiar image already touches all kinds of associations and thus also all kinds of themes. In these hasty times, that's a relief.
The 2020 Series are about the year 2020 and touch on various themes that were current in 2020.
The abstract paintings are purely for art. They are genderless. L'art pour l'art. These have no substantive meaning.